This website is devoted to analyzing and commenting on media and politics. While it is not a particularly original idea, the American political space seems entirely occupied by messaging filtered through conventional narratives and politico naval-gazing. Hopefully, you will find some original thinking and ideas. The goal is less for volume and more for novelty of thought, which, unfortunately, means twice-monthly posts or, at most, weekly. 

Evan Heitkamp Boucher is a lecturer at the University of North Dakota in its political science department and is an alumnus of Bowdoin College and Johns Hopkins SAIS. He is workplace proficient in two dialects of Arabic and has lived long-term in the Levant on a number of occasions. He lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he writes on labor issues, international relations, and domestic politics/policy. 

You can commission him for a piece at evan dot boucher (at) bowtiedespots dot com.